Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Simple equations, beautiful solutions and unpredictable future in the long run! What do you call this? Any Physicist would call this 'Chaos'! Anyone may call this marriage!


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  2. Well all this is perhaps in the very perspective of thought itself... a thought about which I am not certain whether it is a trait of only human beings (perhaps dolphins also think, dogs remember their masters, the spider has in it infinite intelligence when you just wonder why there is anything at all in the universe, and yet you cannot reassure that the web it spins is so perfect) is this chaos? I don't know....or is this perfection only what matters to us humans?

    As Feynman says that we are lucky that we are too big for the quantum phenomena to be seen through our senses but we see the bigger beautiful picture.... we see the rose and the valleys but the atoms in the rose are perhaps in continuous chaos.... what is this language of nature.... are equations enough or we are we leading.... what is this quest to know? I don't know........ :)