Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Peaceful Coexistence

Peace is not just a charitable entity! It is not a commodity either. It does not come from the void. Peace is a possibility. Peace is a hope. Hope comes from the desire to live undisturbed and let the 'business' to go on. Why do people talk about peace? The answer is implied!
Since people talk of peace and a great attention is devoted to this idea, there are certainly great efforts from some other (or the same) to think otherwise. One cannot execute war in a peaceful manner! One can not terrorize people to achieve peace. But ask everybody, all want peace. Peace may be bought by might, by making people surrender. But that is an illusion. Peace and freedom often act in opposite directions. If we talk of mutual peace, then first thing is to understand what is the common interest which can give peace a chance. We should mind the business that makes the existence of peace possible. Peace can never return if the business interest is undermined!

You love war and I love peace,
You love power and think it’s bliss!
When you feel good, I search food-
That food brings peace, you know this!